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CineVision® PSE

Sonic CineVision® PSE is an enterprise-level VC-1 encoder designed to deliver stunning video quality for Blu-ray Disc titles. Built on Microsoft technology, CineVision PSE features powerful server-based encoding technology, a wealth of pre-processing capabilities, stunning cinematic-quality encoding, extensive VC-1 parameter control, stream legalization, and segment-based re-encoding,

Distributed VC-1 Encoding for Professional Video Compressionists

  • Enterprise-level VC-1 Encoding – CineVision PSE has been optimized to utilize the powerful server-based processing infrastructures available in high-end compression houses.
  • Quality-focused Parallel Processing – CineVision PSE takes advantage of the large processing infrastructures (e.g. Blade servers) without neglecting the quality of your encoded video.
  • Ultimate parameter control – CineVision PSE provides compressionists with the ultimate encoding toolset with access to more encoding parameters than any other encoder for any codec.
  • Flexible and scalable configurations – CineVision PSE can be optimized to deliver stunning VC-1 in a variety of configurations - from single workstation to multiple blade servers - allowing you to utilize your business’s existing infrastructure.
  • Full support for Blu-ray Disc production – Cinevision PSE includes a range of project templates as standard ensuring compliancy with all aspects of encoding for Blu-ray Disc.
  • Segment re-encoding – With extensive VC-1 parameter control and ‘region of interest’ control of specific areas of frames, no other encoder delivers the same level of optimization control for segment re-encoding.
  • Advanced analysis and pre-processing tools – CineVision PSE includes an extensive suite of utilities for mastering high quality 4:2:0 8-bit raw video files including de-banding, noise filtering, inverse telecine processing, and a variety of elementary stream analysis tools.
  • Powering Hollywood – CineVision PSE VC-1 encodes have been used to deliver stunning video quality for the majority of HD packaged media releases to date.


New features in CineVision PSE 2.0.1

In CineVision PSE 2.0.1, the following issues have been addressed:

Issue 1: Incorrect Interlaced Encoding when using Key Frame Pulse Reduction

The Key Frame Pulse Reduction option no longer generates “smeared” frames for interlaced content encoded using Frame/Field Auto or Interlaced Field modes.

Issue 2: Possible invalid stream when specifying letterbox/pillarbox regions in Frame/Field Auto mode encodes

CineVision PSE no longer sets the QP values incorrectly when transitioning from frame mode to field mode, if you are specifying letterbox/pillarbox regions in Frame/Field Auto mode.

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Sonic CineVision PSE

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