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MPEG-2 CoDecs Notes
Avid Liquid QT CODECs v. only .m2v I-frame D-10 IMX videostream CODEC for QuickTime Pro, ex - ///FAST
MGI MPEG-2 Codec v.1.0.267 DirectShow COder-DECoder filter, now Roxio
PCTV Systems MPEG2 CODEC box v.5.0.858 DirectShow COder-DECoder filter with support AC3, MMV & HDV; DXVA; 4:2:2; ex-Pinnacle
ATI AVIVO Universal CODEC v11.6.50527
ATI AVIVO 64-bit Universal CODEC v11.6.50527
DirectShow COder-DECoder filter with support MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV; DXVA1
LEAD MPEG (3.0) v.1.0.263 CE
LEAD MPEG (3.0) 64-bit v.1.0.263 CE 
DirectShow COder-DECoder filter with DVD burn; also AVI with LMP2 FourCC
nanocosmos MPEG-2 Broadcast DirectShow SDK v3.5 CE DirectShow COder-DECoder filter; 4:2:2 IMX & MXF support
ArcSoft TotalMedia v.2.27.441.128 CE DirectShow COder-DECoder filter; DXVA; AC3-HD & DTS-HD support
MPEG-2 Video DEcoders


interVideo WinDVD v. CE with HW acceleration & Intel ClearVideo, required SSE2 & DX9c
CyberLink Power Combo Decoder v.2.0.9351
CyberLink 64-bit Power Combo Decoder v.2.0.9351
with DXVA2 & HAM
CyberLink PowerDVD13 v.8.4.4111 with DXVA2
ATI DVD Decoder v. CE with HW acceleration, actually this CyberLink PowerDVD v.
nVIDIA PureVideo v.4.02.223 CE with DXVA1, optimized for GeForce
Sonic Roxio CinePlayer Decoder Pack v.4.3.3 with HW acceleration, required SSE2, ex-Ravisent
Nero Suite ShowTime v. CE  MPEG-1/2/4 & AVC video decoder with DXVA2, 4:2:2 support
MediaMatics ExpressDVD v.5.01.56 with HW acceleration
Sony BDMV MPEG Decoder v. with postprocessing, Blue-ray Disk support
Sony MPEG Video Decoder Pro v. with postprocessing & multithreading support
Ligos LSX MPEG Decoder v.4.00.155 optimized for Intel CPU, 4:2:2 D10 IMX support
Elecard MPEG-2 Decoder v3.1.039664 CE
Elecard MPEG-2 Decoder (x64) v3.1.039664 CE
with DXVA1, 4:2:2 support
MainConcept MPEG-2 Decoder v.
MainConcept MPEG-2 64-bit Decoder v.11.5.0 *
with DXVA1, 4:2:2 support
Sonic MPEG-2 Video Decoder v. with DXVA1, 4:2:2 support; built @ MainConcept SDK
bitcontrolŽ MPEG Video Decoder v3.0 with DXVA2, 4:2:2 support, HW deinterlacing
Canopus MPEG-2 Decoder v1.0  
Rhozet Palm2 v.0.90.37 24P support
Darim MPEG-2 Video Decoder v.2.01  
MGI SoftDVD MAX v.6.0.0031 ex-Zoran, now Roxio
Varo Vision VaroDVD MPEG-2 Decoder v.2.0 karaoke support
VITEC MPEG Video Decoder v.1.8  
MbyN CoolDVD v.2.85  
Xing XingDVD v.2.05  
HonesTech MPEG2 Decoder v.1.11.4  
WIS MPEG-2 DecodeFilter v1.0  
Etymonix SoftReel v.1.1 also AVI with PIM1 & TV2V FourCC
Fraunhofer MPEG-2 Decoder v.2.0 fake (actually this hacked Cyberlink PowerDVD v2.0)
BlazeVideo BlazeDVD v.4.0 with HW acceleration
Apple QuickTime MPEG2 v.7.60.92 QuickTime Pro compatible decoder
Microsoft DTV-DVD Decoder v.6.1.7140 DirectShow with DXVA2, incl. to Windows 7
MPC-HC Team Video Decoder v.
MPC-HC Team 64-bit Video Decoder v.
DirectShow with DXVA; built @ Gabest & ffmpeg
IntelŽ Media SDK MPEG2 Decoder v.5.0.337
IntelŽ Media SDK MPEG2 64-bit Decoder v.5.0.337
DirectShow with QuickSync
MediaLooks MPEG-2 Decoder v. multithreading support
AC3 DirectShow DEcoders


CyberLink Power Audio v.9.3.3520
CyberLink 64-bit Power Audio v.
DTS 24/96, Dolby ProLogicIIx, Dolby DigitalEX, TruSurroundXT, Neo-6, CLMEI2, Dolby Virt.Speaker,  7.1
interVideo WinDVD v. CE Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital EX 7.1, DTS, AAC, TruSurroundXT, Karaoke, 24/96
MediaMatics ExpressDVD v.1.08 Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic
nVIDIA PureVideo Decoder v.4.02.150 CE Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, Karaoke
Sonic Roxio CinePlayer Decoder Pack v.4.3.2 Dolby Surround, DD+, ex-Ravisent
Varo Vision v.1.12.51 Dolby Surround, Qsurround, Karaoke
IBM HRL Native Dolby AC3 Decoder v.2.02sp Dolby Surround, Karaoke, now STB Systems
MbyN CoolDVD v.2.85 Dolby Surround
Xing XingDVD v.2.05 Dolby Surround
MGI SoftDVD MAX v.6.0.0031 Dolby Surround, 3D, Karaoke, ex-Zoran, now Roxio
MoonLight Odio Decoda v.1.5.173 Dolby Surround, MP3, LPCM, AAC
BlazeVideo BlazeDVD v.4.0 Dolby Surround
Fraunhofer v.2.0 Dolby Surround, fake (hacked Cyberlink PowerDVD v2.0) AC3Filter v.1.51a Dolby Surround
Nero Suite ShowTime v. CE Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby EX, Dolby Digital Plus, MLP, Karaoke, AAC
MainConcept Elecard Universal Audio Decoder v.1.5.347 MPEG / AAC / AC-3 / Pro Logic II / LPCM
MainConcept AC-3 Decoder v. Dolby Surround
Microsoft MPEG-1/DD Audio Decoder v.11.0.5840.6324 Dolby Surround; incl. to Windows Vista
MPEG-2 Video Software ENcoders  
Sony Blu-Code BAE-VX1000 v.4.0.0 CE standalone with DirectShow filter; $40000
HEURIS MPEG PowerProfessional v.2.5f CE standalone & QuickTime Export Engine for AfterEffects & Discreet Cleaner; $6800
KDDI R&D Labs ConversionStudio v.1.2 standalone; $6000
Rhozet/Canopus SoftEngine v. CE encoder module for Canopus ProCoder & Premiere plugin; now Rhozet CarbonCoder; $4995
PixelTools Expert-HD v.4.55a CE standalone, SDK & Premiere plugin; $2995
nanoCOSMOS SoftEngine HDTV v. CE standalone & DirectShow Filter; $2000; SDK incl. in Happauge, DataBeker, AquaSoft, MediaKG; discontinued
CTC Cinema Craft Encoder SP3 v.1.0.3 CE standalone & Premiere plugin; $1950
Terran MPEG Charger v.5.0 encoder module for Discreet Cleaner & Premiere plugin, discontinued, $820+$715
Ligos LSX-MPEG Encoder v.3.5 standalone, discontinued
Ligos GoMotion v.6.2 SDK engine incl. to discreet edit, dpsVelocity, Avid Xpress, $130
Ligos MediaRig v.1.5 standalone; SDK incl. to Sony Sonaps
MainConcept MPEG-2 Encoder v. 
MainConcept MPEG-2 64-bit Encoder v.
DirectShow Filter; SDK
MainConcept MCE MPEG-2 Encoder v.1.6.9354 DirectShow Filter for Windows MCE & Windows Vista
Elecard MPEG-2 Encoder v6.2.039621 CE
Elecard MPEG-2 Encoder (x64) v6.2.039621 CE
standalone & DirectShow Filter
Pegasys TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress v.4.7 standalone
Digigami MegaPEG v.1.50.09 standalone & Premiere plugin; $330; discontinued
WIS mpeg2i v.1.6 standalone & Premiere plugin; $200
HonesTech MPEG Encoder v.7.0 standalone & DirectShow Recorder, & included to LifeView FlyVideo, $130
Vitec MPEG Maker-2 v.2.1 standalone, $100
NewTek Vidget v.1.02 integrate, $100
Darim DVMPEG v.7.02 standalone with DirectShow filter & avi dummy translator
Panasonic MPEG2&1 Encoder v.1.12 standalone & Premiere plugin, $70
bbMPEG v.1.24 b18 standalone & Premiere plugin; discontinued; now MainConcept
InterVideo MPEG-2 Encoder v.3.1.6 DirectShow Filter, & included to WinProducer, WinDVR, WinDVD Creator, AverTV Studio
Cyberlink MPEG2 Encoder v.5.8.1323 DirectShow Filter, & included to Cyberlink PowerDirector, PowerVCR
AIST CineCode v.1.0 DirectShow Filter & SDK; included to AIST eXtreme
MedioStream neoDVD v.4.1 standalone with DS Filter
Roxio MPEG I/II encoder v. included Roxio VideoPack, WinOnCD, ex-CeQuadrat
Ahead Nero MPEG 1/2 Encoder v.1.0.30 DirectShow Filter, plugin for Nero
NTI MPEG-2 Encoder plugin for NTI CD-Maker
Direct-Soft WinMPEG VideoConvert v.2.8 standalone
FX Video Converter Pro v.5.31 standalone with OpenSource Lib
3MB MPEG Encoder v1.0 standalone
MoonLight OneClick Compressor v.1.0 standalone with DirectShow Filter ffmpeg v.0.5 source code, freeware
YMPEG v.3.5 Coder with VfW dummy
QuEnc v.0.72 standalone, built on ffmpeg
BitBurners HC v.0.24 standalone
IntelŽ Media SDK MPEG2 Encoder v.5.0.337
IntelŽ Media SDK MPEG2 64-bit Encoder v.5.0.337
DirectShow with QuickSync
Microsoft MPEG-2 Encoder v.6.1.7601 DirectShow Filter; incl. to Windows 7
Dolby AC3 & DTS Audio Software ENcoders  
DTS-HD Master Audio Suite v. standalone, $1495
Minnetonka SurCode Dolby/DTS V2 standalone & Premiere plugin, $300-$2500
Sonic Dolby Audio TransCoder v.3.2.3A CE standalone for Sonic Scenarist & ReelDVD; ex-Daikin
Digigram Multichannel Encoder v1.1a standalone, $880
Sonic Foundry SoftEncode v1.0.0.19 standalone, discontinued
Sonic Foundry AC-3 Encoder v1.0.0.239 plugin for Sonic Foundry ACID, $280
Spectral Design Dolby Digital Encoder v1.1.0.172 plugin for Steinberg Nuendo, $965
SEK'D AC3 Encoder plugin for SEK'D Sequoia & Samplitude, $840
ac3encode build 020503 DirectShow filter, OpenSource
InterVideo AC3 & AAC Encoder v.3.0.44 DirectShow filter, & included to InterVideo WinProducer, WinDVR, Canopus ProCoder
Microsoft AC-3 Encoder v.6.1.7600 DirectShow filter; incl. to Windows 7


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